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Here at S&T Glazing, we are proud to offer an industry-leading window re-glazing service to properties across Yorkshire. We can deliver specialised repair services to your damaged windows. This means that you’ll be able to replace damaged glass and restore the window unit to its former glory. Thanks to re-glazing services that we can provide, you’ll be able to improve any kind of property.

More and more properties are choosing to take advantage of double glazing. These window units are a great deal more reliable and practical than single-glazing. When they sustain damage, our experienced team will be able to re-glaze the window unit. This will ensure that your windows continue to offer a range of benefits to your property. To restore your window units and ensure a reliable service, get in touch with the glazing specialists at S&T today.

Why Is a Window Re-Glazing Service Essential?

A damaged or ineffective double-glazing window unit is often more harmful to your property. In addition to obvious visual damage to your window’s glass panes, there are other signs to look out for. For example, if there is condensation between the two panes of glass. Draughts too are common and, if not dealt with quickly, can lead to a range of issues throughout your property.

When your double glazing fails, it is often something that home and business owners choose to ignore, at least for a while. Unfortunately, the longer you wait, the great the chance of serious structural damage developing. Damaged window units can cause a variety of problems, many of which will require costly repairs.

If your double glazing has failed, you could be missing out on a wide range of benefits. Some of the great benefits that an effective window unit can provide include:

  • Reduced Condensation – Effective double-glazing units will prevent condensation from developing. This can prevent other kinds of issues developing, including damp and mould.

  • Prevents the Loss of Warm Air – Double glazing, and even intact single-glazed units, will work to prevent the loss of warm air. This can help you to prevent heat loss and create a more comfortable area. You can easily eliminate unpleasant draughts of cold air, creating a much more comfortable environment.

  • Reduces Energy Use and Heating Cost – These window units are highly energy efficient. As they prevent heat from leaving your property, they can cause your home or business to reach the correct temperature much quicker. This can make your building cheaper to heat, reducing the environmental impact of your home or business.

  • Provides Sound Insulation – Double-glazing can be used to improve the sound insulation of your property. These hard-wearing glass panes will lessen the amount of noise entering your property, in addition to the volume leaving your home.


What are The Potential Risks of Damaged Window Panes?

If you fail to take advantage of a window re-glazing service, then you could be exposing your property to a range of serious problems. A damaged window unit can cause structural issues to develop across your property, including mould and damp. They can also let the weather impact your interior environment. For example, rain, draughts and other environment factors can easily enter your property.

You cannot allow a damaged window unit to have an impact on your property’s health. It is important that these issues are resolved as quickly as possible. This is the only way you can prevent these damaged window panes from causing serious problems across your property.

Why are Window Re-Glazing Services Better Than Replacement Options?

Here at S&T Glazing, we can deliver industry-leading window re-glazing to all kids of properties. If the damage is localised to your glass panes, we’ll be able to quickly and easily re-glaze the unit. We can even repair minor damage to other areas of the window unit. Window replacement can sometimes be expensive and unnecessary. Before you replace any window unit, you should always check to see if it is suitable for repair or re-glazing.

Choosing to take advantage of window re-glazing services can offer a wide range of benefits to your property. These can include:

  • A Much Quicker Project – As our trained professional only need to replace the glass, rather than the whole unit, the project can be completed much quicker.

  • Cost-Effective Re-Glazing Solutions – In addition to being much quicker, these solutions are also much more cost-effective. Rather than having to pay for an entirely new window unit, you’ll only need to pay for the replacement glass panes.

  • Guaranteed Fit – In some cases, replacement window units are a slightly different size to the existing unit. This can lead to some minor construction/adaptation methods. When you choose to re-glaze and existing unit, you are guaranteed a perfect fit.


For a Professional Window Re-Glazing Service, Call S&T Glazing Today

Here at S&T Glazing, our experienced team can deliver a complete range of window re-glazing services to all kinds of properties. Over the years, we have worked to deliver a comprehensive re-glazing service to homes and businesses. If you’re looking to return your window units to full working order at a fraction of the cost of replacement, get in touch today.

You can reach the S&T Glazing team by calling us directly on 01535 680 894. If you prefer, you can send any questions or concerns that you might have to our professional team, via our simple online contact form.

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