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ATM Laminated Safety Glass Installations

In the modern world of contactless payments, more and more businesses are starting to overlook the practicality of ATM installations in their properties. Having an ATM either inside or on the outside of your business can make a real difference to your retail outlet’s footfall, drive up profit and give more customers a reason to come into your store.

Our team have been installing and securing ATMs up and down the country for many years. We offer low-risk ATM installations with a quick project turnaround. We understand just how disruptive it can be to have a group of workmen installing a cash machine on-site. That is why our team always work as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure an effective installation within a matter of days.

Our installations are always secured, meaning that your cash machine is under zero risk of tampering or damaging during the ATM installations process. We believe in causing as little impact to our client’s sites as possible, allowing your employees and customers to get on with their daily routine.

The Benefits of Professional ATM Installations

There are a wide range of potential benefits which cash machine installation can provide to your business, including:

  • Customer Convenience – Having access to a secure way of taking money out of their bank account is hugely convenient for the customer. This means they are likely to view your business in a more positive light. Cash machine installation can help to improve your customer’s opinion of your brand, which can translate into real sales and customer conversions.
  • Increased Footfall – With an ATM installed on your property, more customers will have one more reason to come to your store. Not only will this bring in a larger crowd, but you’ll also be able to increase your profits as people will have a ready access to cash in the immediate vicinity of your store.
  • Clever Branding – All of our ATMs can be surrounded with your brand colours, allowing you to further cement your brand identity with your customers.

Secured ATM Installations in the UK

Our professional team will be able to install the cash machine in just a matter of days. When you choose to work with S and T Glazing, you can be assured of a whole range of benefits, including:

  • A highly-skilled, industry-leading workforce which puts your needs first.
  • Efficient installation which allows you to focus on your business.
  • A single point of contact, saving the entire project money, time and eliminating potential risks.

Over the years, our team of ATM installations experts have worked in all kinds of properties. Whether you’re looking to include an ATM in a corner store, a supermarket or any other kind of retail space, our team are here for you.

Choose S and T Glazing for Professional ATM Installations Today

Based in Yorkshire, S and T Glazing have many years’ experience when it comes to installing ATM machines in a range of retail outlets. We can conduct a complete installation process in a very short amount of time, and ensure that it is completely secured against damage. Over the years, we have been involved in many large-scale ATM installation programmes. With our services, you can be assured of a completely reliable and professional interaction from start to finish.

From the initial planning phase, right through to the final installation, our team are dedicated to helping you. The cash machines that we install can easily be branded too, allowing you to turn a simple ATM into another part of your overall marketing strategy. Whether you’re a local corner shop looking to make the entire sales process for your customers or a larger store intending to attract people, one of our cash machines could be the perfect choice for your business.

You can improve your retail outlet for the better thanks to the installation of one of our secured, practical cash machines. Our ATMs can provide many years of reliable service and with our professional maintenance, the cash machine could become a permanent feature of your business. Our cash machines are durable to anti-social behaviour and can continue to work effectively even in the worst situations. If the frames start to look a little unclean, our ATM installations can quickly and easily be resprayed or painted.

Each one of our ATM installation projects meets the appropriate BS standards as well as complying with all appropriate British Building Regulations. So, if you’re looking to improve your retail space with a reliable cash machine, then you need to get in touch with the professional team at S and T Glazing today.

You can reach our dedicated ATM installations specialists on 01535 680894. If you prefer, you can email us directly at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Or you can even arrange a call back at a time which is convenient for you!

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