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When it comes to double-glazing, there are many kinds of glass to choose from. K Glass, a kind of low-E glass, is one of the most reliable and popular styles used in the UK. This speciality glass will be able to offer a wide range of advantages to any property. Low emissivity glass is used to increase the energy efficiency of modern windows.

Here at S&T Glazing, we can provide low emissivity glass to suit your needs. We can help you to improve the energy-efficiency of your property and save you money over time. Low-E glass is a modern, practical solutions for use in a wide range of properties. By choosing to replace your existing window glass with a more modern solution, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of benefits.

What Is K Glass?

Pilkington K Glass, to give it its full name, is a kind of low-e glass used in the UK. This energy-efficient design will prevent heat from escaping through your glass. Pilkington K Glass has an invisible coating which reflects the interior heat back into the room. This can cause your home or business to reach a comfortable temperature extremely quickly.

K glass is a practical, cost-effective solution which has been used to great effect in a wide range of properties. When you choose to replace the windows in your property, you’ll be able to make a noticeable difference to your home or business.

Low-E glass, is essential for rooms with multiple windows. This includes corner bedrooms, conservatories and sun rooms. These areas are some of the biggest contributors to heat loss in your property. As such, they need to be improved to eliminate heat loss.

What are The Benefits of K Glass for UK Homes and Businesses?

When you choose to install low emissivity glass in your property, you’ll be able to reap a wide range of benefits. By using low-E glass in double or even triple-glazing units, you can enhance your property. Just some of the great benefits that you’ll be enjoy can include:

  • Improved Energy-Efficiency in Your Home or Business.
  • Reduced Carbon-Footprint, due to Reduced Energy Usage.
  • Cost-Effective by Saving Money on Heating Bills.
  • More Effective than Standard Double Glazing or Single Glazing.
  • Manufactured to Meet the High-Quality Standards of the EU.

Finding the perfect glass for your home or business’ windows has never been easier. Low-E glass is a necessity for most properties in the UK, particularly new-builds. K glass is the most popular form of low emissivity glass in the UK. This is thanks to its wide availability, unique design and stunning practicality.

What Makes K Glass So Popular?

K glass is so popular thanks to the benefits that its design offers when compared to other low-E glasses. Just some of the benefits that Pilkington’s K glass can provide include:

  • High Light Transmission – Thanks to the high light transmission of these designs, this kind of glass appears virtually the same as clear glass. This glass allows a great deal of light into the interior space. As such, you won’t suffer from a darker room with this kind of low-E glass.  
  • Reflects Heat – The microscopic coating on the glass reflects the heat back into the room. This prevents it from escaping into the cold air. Similarly, this coating works to prevent cold air from entering your property. The double-glazing of window units will also prevent condensation from occurring in your home or on your window panes.
  • Indistinguishable from Clear Glass – Thanks to the microscopic layering and unique design, these panes are practically indistinguishable from traditional glass. One of the main concerns of these glass designs is that they look different to traditional clear glass. Thanks to their intelligent design, K glass is indistinguishable in appearance. This also means that you don’t need to replace all the glass in your home or business at once.

Where is the Best Place to Install K Glass?

Here in the UK, low-E glass is ideal for any kind of window unit. However, there are some areas of your home which will be able to benefit more from these kinds of glass. For example, north and eastern facing windows are expected to lose more heat than south or west facing windows. As such, you should prioritise the replacement of these windows, or any windows which have sustained damage.

Low emissivity glass windows are ideal for homes and businesses across the UK. If you want to improve the heat retention of your property, get in touch with the professional team at S&T Glazing today.

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Here at S&T Glazing, our professional team can provide a wide range of low-E glass to homes and businesses in the UK. Over the years, our experienced team have worked to deliver a wide range of glazing services to a variety of properties. If you’re looking for industry-leading energy-efficient glass installation, get in touch today.

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