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Our 30 years of Glass Industry Experience allow us to bring a whole host of high quality services for commercial clients throughout Keighley, Skipton, Aire Valley, Bradford, Halifax, Ilkley, Otley, Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Harrogate all of Yorkshire & the UK.

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In today’s world, professionalism and the perception of a business’s professionalism is critical. While the branding and the customer service is important to the success of a business, so is the physical aesthetics. A business’s professionalism is judged according to how inviting the space is. According to a study by New York University, a person judges a person in less time than it takes to register the person’s face. Likewise, the creditability of a building (its face) is judged in the same way. Because more businesses have large storefront windows, interior glazing, and such, it is crucial that a commercial glazing service be on call.


Recently, a business with over 50 years of experience saw a tremendous decline in their customer loyalty. The reason was that a truck crashed through the storefront of the main window. And as traumatic as this may have been for the business, the customer’s response was more damaging. Instead of immediately fixing the problem and getting a new pane of glass, the business decided to slap a piece of particle board over the space. This gave the storefront the exterior appearance of an establishment that was going out of business. Even though the business was still open, their profits plummeted.

Businesses which have broken windows, boards up over the windows, cracks and other non-aesthetically pleasing features to their glazing should use a commercial glazing company to quickly repair such issues. By quickly addressing these issues, customers will find that you (a) have the capital to take care of emergencies when they arise which will lead to confidence from potential investors and (b) that you have a fundamental concern for the professionalism of your brand.

Lighting, specifically UV lighting reduces the glazing on glass over time. Much like the effects that it has on paper and film, the lighting wears the surface quality down. Coloured glass fades, tinted film cracks, and specialty glass becomes less effective. Replacing and re-glazing your glass surfaces, especially on the façade of your building is a quick way in which to revitalize the space. Customers want to be reassured that you are staying up to date with the latest trends and the best that is available. Having your storefront/business reflect a visual of modernism is important to selling this perception to the potential client or investor. Dull colours and foggy spots on double paned glass do not give off this impression. To find out the best solution to your facade , get the advice of a glass professional.


Case studies have shown that employees work best in certain lighting conditions. Buildings which have a high level of natural lighting tend to do well. However, the more light that you add to an office space, the more apt those working within the space will experience screen glare, blinding reflections from surfaces, UV damage to sensitive material, and excess heating. Tinting your windows, re-glazing the surfaces, or adding a glaze pattern may help to reduce these issues. A creditable commercial glazing service will be able to Re-glaze, laminate glass, add patterns to glass, install patterned glass, and add tints if needed.

Creating the ideal lighting in a work space will put your workers in a better mood. Happier employees are more productive workers. Building the productivity of your business will increase the bottom line, increase customer to employee relationships, and boost your branding.


In order for a business to stand apart amongst the sea of other businesses with similar services, there needs to be something unique. While the online and marketing brand of the business is the dominant way in which to do so, having something unique with the exterior and interior features of the building is also important. One of the easiest ways in which a business can transition from the “standard” office space to a “modern” office space is to install glazed units. Opting for patterned glass or for glaze patterns on existing panes could yield artistic and unique results.


While glazing services may not be at the top of your business’s budgeting, you should at least consider having a service on call. Should you find yourself with the need to replace glass, you do not want to be at the mercy of whoever is available. S&T Glazing offers an array of commercial glazing services for all levels of business whether you are in Keighley, Leeds, Wakefield or any of our other locations, you can rest assured that we will offer you the top level of quality.

Should you require glazing services or if you have any questions regarding commercial glazing please feel free to contact us with your inquires.

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